When choosing window treatments for your Lloydminster area home, vertical or horizontal (venetian) blinds are an excellent option for all window styles. Due to the nature of their design, these window coverings provide optimal function such as room darkening while fitting in seamlessly with your decor.



Vertical blinds offer a unique and beautiful option for patio and French-style doors, but they are also an excellent option for large windows, especially those that are wider than they are tall. Available in fabric, vinyl, faux wood and genuine wood to suit any taste and decor.

Verticals offer premium light control and privacy options for your Lloydminster and areas home and can be fully customized to create exactly the look you desire.

Benefits Of Vertical Blinds
    • Excellent privacy and light control
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Helpful in conserving energy
    • Wide variety of options


Hundreds of designer colours, specialty finishes and a variety of slat sizes all combine to make aluminum blinds a beautiful option in window treatments. Made with up to 95% recycled content, the spring-tempered alloy slats bounce back rather than bend even under rough use.

Aluminum blinds are available with the de-Light™ feature which hides the holes the cords run through for maximum light and privacy control.

Benefits Of Aluminum Blinds
    • Dust Shield™ treatment makes cleaning easy
    • Total light and privacy control
    • Countless options in colours and finishes
    • Three slat sizes to complement any window


Wood creates a look and feel of warmth and beauty that is hard to find in other products. Precision-crafted from only the finest North American hardwoods, wood blinds are natural insulators that will help moderate room temperatures in your Lloydminster home and provide you with excellent privacy control.

Customization options for wood blinds include a variety of colours and finishes, several slat sizes, wood trims and cornices to give you the exact look you want..

Benefits Of Wood Blinds
    • Naturally insulating to help reduce energy bills
    • Protection from UV rays, moisture and scratching
    • Excellent light & privacy control
    • Enhance decor with a variety of finishes


If you love the natural beauty of wood yet have concerns about moisture or heat and wish for a more economical choice, faux wood blinds are a beautiful alternative. Specially crafted to prevent fading, cracking and warping, alternative wood blinds offer worry-free window coverings built to last.

Customize your faux wood blinds with a variety of options for a look elegant enough for a formal library, yet durable enough for even the busiest kitchen.

Benefits Of Faux Wood Blinds
    • More economical than natural wood blinds
    • Excellent light and privacy control
    • Ideal for high moisture and heat areas
    • Built for longevity and smooth operation