Drizzle Honey

Your daily dose of nectar

Forget the elixir of youth, we’re drinking the nectar of health: Golden, creamy, functional honey. Brimming with nutrients and antioxidants, Drizzle is the healthiest honey you could ask for: 100% pure and powered with superfoods so you can have your honey and eat it, too (every day if you’re anything like us). It’s good for you and good for the bees, so go ahead and bee well 🐝

100% Raw - No heating or filtering to compromise nutrients.

All Natural - No added sugar, preservatives, artificial ingredients or GMOs.

Sustainably Sourced - No unsustainable or unethical business practices.
Allergen-Free - No major allergens, like gluten and dairy.

Canadian-Made - No imported or unregulated ingredients.

Drizzle Honey