The CALM Collection

Beauty From Bees collaborated with one of our favourite mamas, Angela Price, to bring her special touch to our ever-popular baby line. Angela recently welcomed baby #3 to the family and she wanted to create a non-toxic collection that she as a mom could get behind.  The CALM collection is a representation of her entire family: C for Carey, A for Angela, L for Liv and Lincoln, and M for Millie. 

When she first became a mom, Angela became obsessed with surrounding her family with natural, safe alternatives to products we use everyday.  That's where her love for Beauty from Bees products originated. A few years later, that love has grown so much that we decided to launch a collection together. Here's a collection made by mamas and trusted by mamas, so that making the right choice on what products to use for you and your babe, is just one less thing you have to worry about.